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Over 50 Years of the Doeberl Cup

The 2015 Doeberl Cup
2-6 April 2015

University House, 1 Balmain Cres, Acton ACT 2601


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Order Your Official Doeberl 2015 Shirt

Roger Farrell's winning shirt slogan, "The Art of Chess: Strategy without war" is the theme for our 2015 shirt!

Order your official Doeberl Cup 2015 shirt today - remember these cannot be purchased at the tournament! Orders close March 9th.

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New Venue & Premier Sponsor for 2015

University House, The Australian National University

We are pleased to announce that the Doeberl Cup has moved to the beautiful, heritage-listed University House in Acton.

This venue combines accommodation and playing halls - book in at the University House hotel and enjoy a brief stroll to your game.

Check out all the details on the Venue page.

Title Norms for Doeberl 2014

Ke Mu - GM Norm (N.B.: This is his first GM/IM norm. The belief he had scored a number of previous GM norms was an error in translation!)

Junta Ikeda - IM Norm (3rd and Final norm. He also scored one at the SIO, and increased his rating to 2400 which means he will be awarded the title shortly.)

Luke Li - IM norm (2nd norm to go with the one scored last year at the Doeberl.)

Otgonjargal Sengeravdan - WIM norm (2nd norm. She also scored a 3rd WIM norm at the SIO.)

Garry Kasparov at the 2014 Doeberl Cup

Our thanks to Garry Kasparov for making a memorable Doeberl Cup!

2014 Results


1st: GM Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu
2nd: GM Levente Vajda
3rd: GM Hrant Melkumyan

U2000: Rishi Dutta
U2200: Michael Morris
Bedi Cup: Bobby Cheng
Best Female: WIM Zhai Mo


Saint Perpetual (1st): Eu-Han Chin
2nd: Hamish Jones
3rd: Andrey Bliznyuk

U1650: Bobby Yu
U1800: Richard Voon


1st: Zoe Harrison
2nd: Jaime-Lee Guo
3rd: Tim Priest

Best Unrated: Tristan Routh
U1200: Michael Pogrebinsky
U1400: Brendan Zou
Pooja Cup (Best Female Junior): Zoe Harrison

Cup Highlights

  • Fighting Fund Continued
  • Live Commentary from Grand Master Ian Rogers
  • New Family Rate
  • Saturday Night Lightning Tournament


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