Code of Conduct

Entry to the Club

When entering the club all participants and parents over the age of 18 must either be a club member, or sign in at the reception. For non-members this requires the presentation of ID (e.g. drivers licence), and must be done every day of the event. Failure to do so will result in you being refused admission.

To make this task easier, the O2C Doeberl Cup is paying for yearly membership for the first 100 players to sign up. Local players (Residents of the ACT and surrounding regions) must become members of the Club, while interstate visitors can also choose to do so. Simply ask for a membership form at the front desk, fill out the details, indicating that it is from the O2C Doeberl Cup.

Food and Drink

You are not allowed to bring outside meals or drinks into the club. You will be refused entry if you try to do so. If you ignore this rule, or ignore directions from either the tournament organisers or Southern Cross Club staff, you will be asked to leave the venue. Breaching this rule will result in your (or your child's) removal from the tournament.

The club provides a full beverage and cafe service. Sandwiches and small meals are available from the Coffee Shop (downstairs), while full meals can be purchased from the Woden Central Clubhouse and Bar, located at the venue. As this is often busy, it is recommended that you book ahead if you are planning to order a full meal.

General Behaviour

The Canberra Southern Cross Club is a licensed venue and as a result children (Under 18) must be supervised at all times. As the club serves the general public, please be careful not to obstruct the normal operation of the club. This includes keeping stairs and corridors clear, using tables and chairs where provided, making sure children are not using public spaces as a playground etc Again, failure to follow these rules will result in you (or you child) being removed from the tournament.

The club has a significant number of spaces where parents and children can sit when their games are finished. Feel free to use these spaces.

Players and parents are also required to follow any instructions from the tournament organisers or Southern Cross Club staff. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the tournament and the venue.

Health Guidelines (COVID)

Currently the ACT Health Guidelines (and the venue rules) do not require players to be vaccinated, or for masks to be worn. However we strongly recommend that players do wear masks during play, and follow the social distancing guidelines where applicable.

If you choose not to wear a mask at the event, we ask you to take the following actions:

  • Please adhere to social distancing recommendations (1.5m apart)
  • Leave the playing area at the completion of your game
  • Avoid confined spaces at the venue (ie the Analysis and Lecture area)
  • Minimise your time in the upstairs foyer area (which is often crowded)

While it is not mandatory to do this, we ask you to be polite and respectful to other players in the tournament.

Thank you, and best of luck with your chess.
- The Doeberl Cup Team